What Role Does Art Have In Our Society?

You may not think it, but art does play many roles in society, and art speaks to different issues at different times. We see this in many spheres of society such as science, religion, history and politics. Whether there is an introduction to an international dance movement, or putting a spin on a Bach piece, or even providing visuals interpreting a war – art is everywhere.

How do artists convey their thinking in society?

Artists have provided and continue to provide thought-provoking voices and perspectives of various global ideas. You may think of this as only individual artists having opinions about certain global phenomenon, however, art organizations do too. They look at complex subjects and address them with analytical thinking, whilst conveying the power of art itself. They also tend to showcase their art in public areas within their communities, so that the public are aware of their thinking and start to think of topics like religion, history and politics in a lateral manner.

Why is art important in society?

People forget that art has a significant impact on the discourse of cultural, social and global concerns. Art shows the work done by various artists in relation to the civil society. Artists and art organizations also have the power to educate communities on the power of art in relation to a specific struggle they may be going through at that point in time.

In history, movements have sought to destroy scandalous art in relation to political or religious topics. This prevented artists from doing things such as using religious figures in their visuals. For example, Adolf Hitler destroyed modern art that he found threatening at the time. He also used visuals such as documentary films as propaganda for the Nazi movement. This shows the power of art and how it can interest society to think from the inside out as well as be used by leaders as manipulation. Art sparks ideas and challenges the norm, which is why it is often seen as a threat by leaders in the world for many years.

Where does art exist within society?

You may find many dance theatre shows, music concerts and art galleries showcasing work that is directly related to the world at that moment. It is important to understand that is art is there to complement and disrupt society – art is not something that exists in a vacuum of its own. Art reflects society and therefore reflects civil rights, government, sexual liberation, history and many more elements. Art can expose communities to various viewpoints and can cause controversy.

Art in society is designed to create exposure to the correct audience and showcase opinions in a safe manner. Sharing physical spaces with communities allow for people to see things differently and engage with others on topical content, which they never thought they would ever be able to speak out about. Our society matters, and it is important to have an element like art in it to always test the waters and see issues from every angle. It brings relevance and realism to society, which is what we all need.