The Best Art Exhibitions of 2017

We’ve taken the liberty of listing the best and most awaited art exhibitions for 2017. Keep an eye out and remember to add these to your diaries for the upcoming months, to experience a world of contemporary, innovative art.


This stunning exhibit showcases the technological power behind robots and their long-lost mystery within the science fiction realm. With inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci himself, who manufactured a mechanical monster in order to impress the King of France, this exhibition looks at everything from the Renaissance era to human’s latest attempts at automata.

Science Museum London, 8 February – 3 September

The American Dream

If you enjoyed the pop art movement, this one is for you. Andy Warhol’s great work has never gone unnoticed and this sparkling exhibit showcases American art, famous artists and what they stood for as pioneers within their age. It tells the story of American society, over and above just American art with the likes of references to Kara Walker, Ed Ruscha and Jasper Johns.

British Museum London, 9 March – 18 June

Michelangelo and Sebastiano

These two major collaborators showcase the Pieta for San Francisco and the Raising of Lazarus which were painted for the Cathedral of Narbonne. This collaboration shows the bond of friendship between these two giant artists and their work can be seen at this extraordinary exhibit.

National Gallery London, 15 March – 25 June


Volcanoes bring together the history of science and art. From the very first volcanologist from ancient Greek times, to the modern study of volcanoes, this exhibit showcases all the thinking and discovery through the eras. Showcases of work from Joseph Wright of Derby through to William Hamilton and Andy Warhol – this exhibit is surely not to be missed.

Bodleian Library, Oxford, 10 February – 21 May

America after the fall

American art comes with some of the classics such as Grant Wood’s American Gothic. This type of art is showcased and expressed in an exhibit about the Great Depression and how the historical time affected and influenced American art. Realism was a major movement at this time and this then transformed to abstract art with artists like Jackson Pollock and Edward Hopper featuring majorly. Don’t miss the daunting journey through a once a broken America.

Royal Academy London, 25 February – 4 June


Everyone knows that California and design complement each other in the best way possible over years. This exhibition looks at how mid-century modernism has changed the course of art in California and what it stands as today. The exhibit looks at work from the 1960s all the way up to today’s technology with iPhones, bringing together the thinking of history to self-driving cars and how Californians got there.

The Design Museum London, 24 May – 15 October

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has invested in a massive 18billion pound Louvre that hovers over the water on Saadiyat Island. The complex was designed by French Jean Nouvel and has been built over the past ten years. Although this exhibition house is nowhere near ready to exhibit, it may be worthwhile keeping a watch on its progress over 2017.