Most Popular Modern Painting Techniques

The most popular modern painting techniques involve that of mostly, abstract art. Action art or abstract expressionist art was invented on the emphasis on spontaneous and emotional content that is not necessarily based on reality. The movement gained popularity within the 1950s and acted as a reaction to McCarthyism. This movement allowed artists to express themselves wholly without having the fear of being accused of empathising with the communists. Abstract art was a movement that spoke to exploring the spirituality of life and bringing in creativity in a free manner.

How to get started on a modern art piece

It’s important to try and learn as much of the movement prior to doing an abstract piece yourself. The work of other artists and the thinking behind this work will help you get into the right mind-set, and by understanding the ideology that drives the movement, you will be able to understand the work and create your best piece of modern art. Each and every abstract painter expressed themselves in their own way – from the Jackson Pollocks to the Hans Hoffmanns of the world.

Gather materials for a unique, expressive, modern piece of work

Once you have researched modern art techniques, it is important to gather the correct art materials and make sure you have enough space for your work. Modern art takes into account paint, but also materials like coins, bottle caps, glass and string. Don’t be afraid to incorporate these materials if you see fit – they add texture, meaning and a stunning 3D effect. You can also apply paint with paint brushes, or use knives, spoons, sticks or string to apply the paint for varied texture.

Get ready to start painting!

Plan the visual in your head and get ready to start creating a masterpiece. Remember that modern paintings are usually very large and this is the reason why the image should be pre-planned. Modern art can be spontaneous, but there is a decent amount of planning that should be done. Think of the size of the canvas, the colour combinations and the focal points on the image. The image should always mean something to you personally.

Use your body and put all your energy into it

Whilst painting using the modern art movement, you want to use the likes of abstract painters’ techniques such as using odd materials and using your body. Use a large canvas and don’t be shy to get on your knees. Use your arms, legs and torso to bend, creating unique shapes in your main visual. There are plenty modern art techniques that allow you to use water colours in a unique way, with blotchy or very vague visuals too. In modern art, you can manipulate paint pigment how you want, and use it to the best of your ability in relation to the rest of your visual.

Remember, modern art is more for you than for anyone else. People may not like your art – and in modern art movements that’s alright. This is about you, your spirituality and your take on life and the world.



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